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Maximizing Safety

and Operational Performance

Who we are

Our services driven by Safety, Reliability and Innovation, the need to improve spans of people, processes, technology and we are always looking for a better way to deliver for the benefit of our client’s and our business. Thus, we have set ourselves an important ambition to become best in class through innovation, excellence services delivery and superior technical leadership. Volsar Group is an international network of professional service firms, based in London and Sarawak with affiliates around United State, Middle East, China and South East Asia region. The Group has more than 35 years of Oil & Gas industry experiences and providing solutions with a competitive advantage.

HSE Leadership

The health and safety of our employees and the communities surrounding our operations are our top priority. We have a HSE management system based on an open and honest communication culture, procedures and rules with HSSE accountability. Providing through HSE training to all employees is a key factor within the management system, to ensure that all of our employees understand and adhere to our Health & Safety protocols and policies. The management system that we have in place combined with the right HSE culture ensures that we all can go home safely and the work is executed efficiently.

Intelligent Visual Monitoring Camera

A single end-to-end platform provider of Intelligent, Visual Monitoring Solutions that maximize Safety, Operational Performance, Emissions Mitigation and Compliance in Oil and Gas & Petrochemical Industry. Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) system is uniquely capable of identifying and quantifying hydrocarbons in real-time video and its sophisticated AI software platform provide operators with automated notification for gas leaks, security and fire events.

Integrated Asset Maintenance Management

Our Solutions provide Maintenance, Safety and Reliability professionals for Sustaining Asset, Improving Maintenance Data quality for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) systems, Document Integration Management, Integrated 3D Visual, Process Safety Management (PSM) and Total Process Reliability (TPR). We offers robust solutions and specialized consultancy services that enable operations to be safe, compliant and efficient.