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The most advanced real-time visual monitoring analytics. The analytics combine the latest advancements in data science, optical physics, and artificial intelligence to deliver smarter, faster, and more accurate information. A customers use this information to make the best decisions about their sites. Over time the analytics have the capability to improve as they learn about the facility behavior and trending.


Based on the advanced algorithm design called PEARL™ which stands for Physics Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Real-time Logic, the analytics provide the most accurate cutting-edge real-time results. These analytics can detect, identify, and quantify over 47+ gases at video rate. The PEARL™ analytics can also be rapidly customized to meet the unique needs and conditions at each site of our clients. For a full list of our gas analytics please consult with our technical sales engineers.


Expanding the range of the detection analytics, We proudly to offer the first on the market fire & gas solution. Using the PEARL™ and GCI™ technology we can detect both gas and fire using the same sensor which has never been done before. By just enabling an additional analytic in the software, our customers get access to more capabilities for safety and operational performance.


The aim is to provide solutions to our clients globally through technical innovation and to become a leader as IIoT provider for Oil and Gas. In essence, the AI analytics can be trained to detect any object that is distinguishable by a human operator. It can be a person, vehicle, or ship trespassing the operations zone. The analytics will learn to alert on these conditions and raise the awareness of the operator all while still monitoring for gas leaks or fire.


Standard GCI

Reliable and robust system designed for large sites and extended areas such as pipelines, ports, refineries, and tank farms. System includes fully automated pan/tilt motors for full coverage of the facility. It is capable to detect gas leaks as far as 1 mile away (~1.7km).


Mini GCI

The smaller version of the Standard GCI camera with wider range of detected gas species. The lightweight mini-GCI is designed for congested areas and smaller sites such as oil rigs & drilling sites, power plants, and LNG facilities. It can detect gas leaks as far as 100 meters away and is available in explosion-proof certified and noncertified versions. 



The explosion proof version of mini-GCI camera is designed for hazardous locations to operate in all environments. The mini-GCIx is certified for the most rigorous conditions class I division I. This option is perfect for sites that require certifications such offshore rigs and vessels.


Mini GCI Skid

The mini-Skid is designed as a self-contained system for rapid deployment at your site. The system includes its own solar power, wireless communication, and mini-GCI camera mounted to a 20-foot tower. This option is perfect for upstream onshore sites that need continuous monitoring.