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We offers overall review, strategy, development, and implementation support for both PSM and RMP programs. Our consultants will provide support at the plant or corporate level to help your organization apply the most fit for purpose practices while complying with PSM and RMP regulations. Whether you are seeking improvement of specific elements or are looking for a complete program overhaul, our solutions are tailored to your needs

Hazard Identification


Hazard Identification is a critical component in the risk management process. Sound knowledge and experience are the fundamental building blocks in providing superior Hazard Identification Our approach to hazard identification is not limited to solely identifying issues, but providing solid engineering solutions for the issues that have been identified.

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Consequence Modelling and Frequency Analysis

Understanding the potential consequences and likelihood of a hazardous event is a critical element in the decision making process for many organisations. We used the latest consequence modelling techniques in determining the extent of hazardous outcomes of a fire, explosion, toxic or flammable gas dispersion, while using fundamental tools such as Fault Tree and Event Tree Analysis in establishing the likelihood of the event occurring.

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Risk Assessment


Risk assessments are widely used in varying applications across hazardous industries. Our consultants and engineers  are experienced in the use of qualitative, semi-quantitative (LOPA) and quantitative risk assessment (QRA) techniques, appropriate to the application. These applications include; land use planning studies, formal safety assessments (FSA), Major Hazard Facility (MHF) and Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Cases.

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Technical Safety Studies


Technical Safety Studies, such as Functional Safety Studies (i.e. SIL), Fire Safety Studies (FSS), Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) provide detailed assessments of how robust the various systems at a hazardous facility are. 

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Process Safety Management & Training

The Safety Management System (SMS) is the overarching component in managing risk in a high hazard industry. We can assist organizations in development and implementation of their SMS including Safety Critical Element and Performance Standards while also providing independent auditing both for internal self assessment and as regulator approved auditors. 

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Offshore HSE Studies


We provides a comprehensive array of loss prevention and HSE studies for the offshore oil & gas sector working with both the facility operators and the engineering design houses (EPCM/EPC). We has a proven track record in providing sound safety and risk engineering advice and ensuring facilities meet their corporate and regulatory compliance obligations.

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